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Pelvic Physical Therapy Services


60-90 minutes, in person at the comfort of your home or virtual.  Thorough evaluation of your symptoms and developing a plan of care. 

Cost: $195


60 minute follow up sessions.  Can be virtual or in-person from the comfort of your own home.

Cost: $165

15-Minute Consultation 

Virtual, establish if pelvic PT is appropriate for the patient and answer basic questions related to pelvic health physical therapy or doula services. 

Cost: FREE

Pregnancy and Postpartum Packages 

The Basics

Unsure if pelvic physical therapy is right for you?

The Basics include a pelvic physical therapy appointment during pregnancy and one postpartum. Can transition to either pregnancy or postpartum package at any time. 


Cost: $290 (25% off)

Postpartum Package

10 appointments of pelvic floor physical therapy postpartum. Includes pelvic floor evaluation, scar assessment, and diastasis recti screening. 

Cost: $1300 (25% off) 

Pregnancy & Birth Prep Package 

12 appointments of pelvic floor physical therapy + 1 birth preparation class with a partner. Can be redeemed during pregnancy and postpartum. 

Cost: $1700 (25% off)  

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